Thursday, February 12, 2015


One of the greatest production designs I've seen on television was on a Season 3 episode of 'KEY & PEELE' with "THE MATTRESS OF SOLITUDE". As I was watching the skit, I kept giving mad props to whoever designed the amazing Superman Bed.

While searching for the clip to post, I discovered that it was designed by Production Designer GARY KORDAN and built by the KEY & PEELE ART DEPARTMENT. Well done!! In fact, I now want a Mattress of Solitude!

Sadly, here is the only clip I could find online... its one of the worst hand-recorded things I've ever seen (almost deserving a post itself), but if you can look past the poor quality and heavy mouth breathing, you'll find a funny skit with an amazingly designed and executed Superman bed!

And here is a sketch of the Mattress of Solitude, by Gary Kordan:

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