Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Your fellow JimSmasher, Antonio Micciulli has a new web series coming out, "Innumerevoli Ombre" (Countless Shadows)and it looks pretty sweet!

Here's some more information:

"Innumerevoli Ombre" (Countless Shadows) is a 2015 Italian Web-Series, filmed in High Definition 1080p.
The cast can boast the presence of Fulvio Falzarano (Benvenuti al Sud, Benvenuti al Nord), Fabrizio Buompastore (Distretto di Polizia, Raccontami), Diego Pagotto (Bella Addormentata, L'Uomo che Verrà). The series is written and produced by Antonio Micciulli (Tempo di Reazione).
The series is composed by 4 episodes and it's completely spoken in various italian dialects (from regions of Puglia, Friuli, Umbria, Veneto), with subtitles in various languages.
Set in rural Italy at the end of 1800's, "Innumerevoli Ombre" examines a unique sentiment, that extends throughout all of the episodes: the distance from the others and the lack of empathy, which lead to selfishness and self-centeredness. The series wonders about the effects this distance can produce when dumped against a spouse, some family members or when it's addressed to all those living in the same environment.
The four episodes that make up "Innumerevoli Ombre" are directed by four young first-time series directors, coming from different Italian regions and different work experiences: while the first and the fourth episodes (directed respectively by Dario Di Viesto and Federico Spiazzi, both freshly graduate at the CSC - Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) represent a more traditional view, the second and the third ones (filmed by Frederico Scargiali and Luca Simon Biccheri, award-winners in specialized festivals and very appreciated by fans) testify all the talent and explosive force the filmmakers scattered around the italian peninsula have.

The title of the series is a tribute to the story "Inviti Superflui" by Dino Buzzati.

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