Thursday, September 06, 2012


Blapsphemy. All involved should be forced into Battle Royale, with the sole survivor rocketed into the Sun.


Hobgoblin238 said...

Is Flick still going to do porn in this one?

Jim said...


Anonymous said...

I...I just can't watch this. The trailer felt like the "right in the childhood" meme. There's unneeded sequels, and then there are unnecessary sequels. This is sadly the latter.

Anonymous said...

wow...just horrible...I couldn't get beyond the halfway point.


☆☆JaganaR☆☆ said...

Atleast you guys were brave enough to try .
me IM not even gonna bother , cus i know holywood is officially DEAD .

JIMBO, time to call it.

summer 2012 HOLYWOOD dies of major complications due to UNDERZEALOUS attempts at movie making.

~jaganar1 / twitter

Anonymous said...

this sure does suck.

having said that, if you think all INDIE movies are awesome, then you're as retarded as whomever likes this terrible (fail) attempt (FAIL) at a so-called movie (FAAIIL!!!).

Hollywood CAN be crap, so can Indie films.

there's still hope, at least Avengers & TDKR didn't suck! THAT would have brought Hollywood to its' KNEES.

despite any problems w/ either film, if you say, "those movies sucked", then you're officially not allowed to voice an opinion in regards to taste ever again.