Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This month Marvel is releasing Variant Covers to 14 titles with the theme "X-MEN: EVOLUTIONS", which depict characters' costume designs through the ages. Below are some of the ones I felt inclined to share:

*Note: Commentary notes below are only in reference to those shown in the Variant Covers.

Personal favorite:
Blue & Pink Archangel/Death
(but really dig the current black & silver X-Force version, too)
Personal Favorite:
I suppose the Current One (far Right)
*Hate the Jim Lee Green & Yellow version
---Personal Favorite:
Dark Phoenix
(and Tie between 60s, 70s & GMorrison)
Personal Favorite:
Any version with the Skull Cap.
(except the current Bianchi design)
*Hatd the Jim Lee 90s version.
---Personal Favorite:
Brown & Orange
(also dug the Cassaday Astonishing redesign)
*Hate the 90s huge metal shoulder pads Blue/Yellow version.
Personal Favorite:
Original design w/Head Dress
*Not a fan of all others that have followed
Personal Favorite:
Paul Smith Mohawk

Personal Favorite:
Classic Blue Fur
(actually dug the Cassaday Astonishing costume)
*HATE this current Cat-Man incarnation

Click HERE to see them all, and sans Jimmy Commentary


Timewaster said...

Wait - you "did" the current black and silver X-Force Angel? Tee-hee-hee!!!

Jim said...

No judging!

Anonymous said...

i actually loved all the jim lee versions -_-

Jim said...

Several friends of mine feel the same way as you, Anon.

Just a personal preference on my part.

James said...

Much love to the 80's punk Rogue and Mohawk Storm!
I kinda like the cat-man Beast, but I get the distaste for the Ron Pearlman-ness of him.
Kinda lame the Cyclops one skipped over the Morrison New X-Men design. That was my second favorite after the original 60's look.

Anonymous said...

how is it Rogue seems to look younger as time goes on..?????

Anonymous said...

Secondary mutation, see how easy retconning is!