Thursday, April 29, 2010


Check out this STAR TREK ENTERPRISE WEBCAM! What better way for Trekkies to communicate online than with this uber-nerd (yet still kinda awesome) gadget! Now they just need to make one of the SULACO or NOSTROMO! Anyway, you can buy yours HERE for $30.


Anonymous said...

love ya, Jim, but Star Trek SUUUUUUCKS. everything about it screams "unfuckable"; just like those losers on that STUPID Big Bang Theory show. LOL seriously; they went to Houston and didn't spend ONE SECOND even talking about NASA? damn; that's "nerd FAIL" to the highest! that's, like, some meathead jock idiot going to a cagefight that turns his head for every punch.

correlation? simply "LAMENESS" that cries against what you say you are.

seriously, though; i am clueless as to how Trekkie dorks breed. well, actually; SOMEONE has gotta give 'em some love, just like fat, ugly chicks! ;-p

in conclusion; Jim is cool, Star Trek is gayness. ;-D

Jim said...

I love Star Trek (orig)- don't be a Trek Hater, man.

Its too bad you can't enjoy it, because you're missing out on some sweet scifi. Ya just have to figure out a way to look at it... I recommend not the way traditional Trekkies do. But that's just me.

To each his own!