Friday, September 30, 2005


I think SNAKE-EYES (2nd version) is quite possibly the coolest character and figure ever in the history of action figures. He looks freaking cooler than cool with that rad visor, was a badass in Vietnam, is a highly trained mystic martial artist, is a member of the same Ninja Family as Storm Shadow (same tattoo!), is a qualified expert in all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, black belt in 12 different fighting systems and is highly skilled in the use of edge weapons. The figure comes with a badass sword, Uzi, backpack and his long-time pet wolf "Timber", plus he has the infamous ever-so-sweet KungFu Grip! He was, and will forever be, my favorite toy. So SNAKE-EYES II, you are the champ of Jimmy's Toy Hall-of-Fame!

updated: oh yeah! He's also a mute, which makes him literally a silent killer! Just one more thing that makes Snake-eyes freaking awesome.

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BRX said...

I never had this figure. I bought Storm Shadow (back in '88 I think)at my neighboorhood's own school and office supply store (weird but true). Never had the chance to buy Snake-eyes...